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What is blurc?

blurc works as a remote control interface between any J2ME and Bluetooth capable mobile device and a Linux computer with a bluetooth device (USB dongle, integrated..).

There's a Java applet (under J2ME a so called MIDlet) running on the mobile device and a daemon on the computer side that communicate with each other a bluetooth RFCOMM channel.

Our main focus was on controlling a MythTV box via bluetooth, but the package can perform any command-line actions the user defines.


* A computer running Linux with working bluetooth device using the bluez bluetooth stack as well as libraries (bluez-libs).

* A J2ME and Bluetooth capable phone / handheld

Unfortunately, some vendors selling Bluetooth(tm) and Java(tm) enabled phones apparently 'forgot' to implement JSR-82 (the Java bluetooth specification), so the list of supported devices is a bit limited at the time:

Supported devices

Devices that should work (JSR-82 implemented according to specifications)

Devices that definitely don't work (no JSR-82..):


Go to the download page to download the package


Feedback is welcome, we'd also like to add some more devices to the list of supported mobile devices, so please let us know if your phone / handheld works!

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